Pay Per Call Adwords Search Training

How to succeed at Pay Per Call affiliate marketing on the Adwords Search Network

My Journey In Pay Per Call & A Look Inside The Course

Your Instructor

I'm an ex-mining engineer who left a lucrative six-figure salary job flying in and out of regional Australian locations in search of greater freedom. 14 hour days, 14 days in a row, plus travelling approximately 4000km (2500 miles) each way to get to and from work, I wanted to have greater flexibility in my life.

I also wanted to be fairly compensated for the work I was doing. Instead of the yearly 2% pay increase, I wanted to be rewarded for working harder than others. Within a year of starting Pay Per Call marketing I was able to replace my income and I now have greater flexibility with my time than ever. I work when I like, and the harder I work, the more I earn.

I chose Pay Per Call because it is a growing space. It is really straight forward - you connect customers with real businesses and get paid for it. Offers last for years, so you can develop a more stable, consistent income that you can continue to grow.

It took me six months of “grinding” until I finally figured out a system to consistently find and scale profitable campaigns. Now I want to help you with this method, so you can achieve the same freedom that I’ve been able to experience with my Pay Per Call income.

Hi there,

Im Pete. Ive been running pay per call offers for well over a year now, and have been lucky enough to have quit my job and replace my income (check out the video for proof of earnings - over $170,000 revenue from one network last year). I now have a lot more freedom and flexibility in my life, and I wanted others to have the same.

Over my first year of Pay Per Call I developed a system that helped me consistently make profitable campaigns using the Adwords Search Network. I share those methods with you in my course.

Watch the video for a bit more about my course and journey in Pay Per Call.

Learn everything you need to know to succeed as a Pay Per Call affiliate in a straightforward video course, with 2.5hrs of content. You get access to all the content as soon as you sign up, so you can learn at your own pace.

You'll also get me as a mentor with 6 months of unlimited email support for any questions you might have as you are running your own campaigns.

This course covers everything from the very basic to advanced techniques, which have worked for me across many different verticals and with many different networks.

I also provide 2 real life case studies that Im currently running. I show you how I built my campaigns from start to finish. 1 call only campaign, and 1 campaign to a landing page. As of recording, each of these campaigns are making me $XXX profit per day.

"While the whole course is amazing, what really sets this course apart from other training that I have taken is the two case studies. Not only does Pete take you inside of his actual campaigns, he gives complete details about how each campaign was setup, he shows you how he starts a campaign and takes the information provided to him by Google and continues to optimize and takes the campaign from the initial testing phase that loses money to an extremely successful, money maker.

Please read the sales letter and FAQ as it is probably the most truthful I have ever seen. He tells you exactly what you are getting, doesn't promise immediate riches, and is completely honest that it will take money, time, and testing to succeed. While all of that is true, what Pete offers is a complete breakdown of exactly what has to be done and why it has to be done to setup highly successful Pay Per Call Campaigns."

- Jimzimm

"I must say that this is an extremely well thought out course without fluff.

Each video is straight to the point - covering exactly what you need to know so that you do not get overwhelmed - and the length of the videos also made it very easy to refresh your memory or go over some concepts again.

Concise, precise coaching - this is what I will call this.

Notes taking is a must as there are nuggets dropped throughout.

For some who have tried other Pay Per Call courses, you may think you know it all already. But what stands out for me was the case studies.

I wish more marketers would actually show real life case studies of what they are teaching like what was done here.

Watching Pete start a campaign from setup, research, optimizing, testing, refining to making money shows us what is truly needed - warts and all. I believe that this is most necessary as a lot of us - when trying some new thing, tend to give up when things go wrong in the beginning - cause we think that this does not work. But watching how someone who has succeeded has initially struggled and then made a breakthrough - is most comforting and inspiring.

So in brief - great course! Hype free - I have never seen anyone said that you need to be prepared to lose money first to make money later. This is not a loss but an investment - as the skills you learn will set you up for the longer run.

If you want to get into Pay Per Call - I sincerely do not think you can go wrong with this course."

- Gordon Lee

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s included in the purchase of this course?
You will receive one year’s access to all course content plus six months of unlimited email support from me.
What does the course cover?
While the techniques I demonstrate may be relevant to other advertising platforms, this course covers Pay Per Call advertising on the Adwords Search Network only.
How is the course presented?
The course is fully presented in video format. Once you purchase the course, you will be given access to the full course content so you’re free to follow it at your own pace.
How much money will I need to to get started in Pay Per Call?
As this course covers paid traffic advertising, you will need to be able to afford ongoing traffic through Google Adwords, website hosting, domain registration and a subscription to a spy tool, which is key to running successful paid traffic. You will not be able to successfully use my methods if you do not purchase the spy tool ($99/month) - but this will easily be paid back with the keywords it will help you find. It's difficult to give an exact amount, as everyone's learning curve will be different. I invested approximately $2000-$3000 before I broke even and began to make a profit, which took me approximately 4 months.
Why are you only teaching methods for the Adwords Search Network?
When you first start in affiliate marketing it is common to jump from traffic source to traffic source without ever mastering one. If you want to be successful, the easiest way is to stick with one traffic source until you know it inside out and are generating a decent profit. The Adwords Search Network and pay per call are a good match. It has the highest quality traffic as people are looking for the particular service you are advertising, and there are call only ads where people can make a phone call directly from the search results.
What is your refund policy?
Please do not purchase this course if you intend to request a refund or if you will not be taking action with the course materials. If at any point you’re struggling with your campaigns or the content provided then I’m here to help. You have 6 months of unlimited email access to me for help with your own campaigns. This said, Pay Per Call does require you to put the work in yourself and if you’re not willing to do this then this isn't the right course for you. Unless otherwise stated on the specific products sales page all Pay Per Call Program purchases come with an action based 30 day money back guarantee. The conditions for the action based refund are as follows: 1. The member has watched all available videos. 2. The member has created a website following the directions in the course 3. The member must provide proof that their website is up and functional. 4. If the member has had trouble the member must email [email protected] to help solve the issue. 5. The member must provide proof that a minimum of $100 has been spent on Adwords ads and followed the targeting in the course 6. The member must make an honest attempt. If we can clearly see the member has put together a website while not following directions or has not put in consistent effort over the 30 days our staff reserves the right to deny any refund. 7. Consistent effort is defined by the following : Being able to show work done daily on a consistent basis. An example of what our staff defines lack of consistent work is not doing any work and waiting till the last 2 days in the 30 day guarantee to put together a low effort site and low effort ads in order to abuse the action based guarantee 8. We are DEDICATED to your success and want you to use the course. We have no intention of with holding refunds to people who have made an honest attempt and found this business model is not for them. If you are having problems please email [email protected], we are standing by ready to solve any issue you might have and to help you move forward

This course is not open for enrollment.